Who is Jennibet?  Well, she’s my great grandmother

Virginia Elizabeth Lawless Manning Mayes.

Yes, that’s a mouthful of names for the most humble and precious lady I’ve ever known.   Everyone just called her Jennibet or Mama Mayes.

Who is Jennibet.com?  Well, thats me.   Beth.    I’m named after her.   (and, another Great Grandmother, and my maternal grandmother, Emma Elizabeth Manning Plott Hodnett.)  Good gracious!!

I’m a background person.  Introvert, if you will.   Not a seeker of attention.  But, I’m also a semi-bored house wife with a computer geek of a husband who said “learn how to make a website”.  So……

Here’s my attempt to describe my life and interests and hopefully it will be enjoyable for a few folks.  It’ll be book reviews mostly peppered with a few recipes.  Whatever floats my boat!

— Beth

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